Heraklion Airport Map

Heraklion Airport Interactive Map

If you are looking for an interactive map of Heraklion Airport then please use our fully interactive map shown below. Use the slider control to zoom the map in and out and the arrow keys to move the map left, right, up & down. The map below is centred on Heraklion Airport. If you get lost simply refresh this page and the map will re-centre itself onto the Airport.

Geographical location: 35° 20′ 22" North, 25° 10′ 49" East

Elevation AMSL 128 ft / 39 m

Travelling to and from Heraklion Airport

Heraklion Airport is located 5 kilometres from the centre of Heraklion. The airport exit is Makariou street. The west exit leads to the Heraklion city, while the east exit will take you onto the national highway to Rethymno and Chania to the west, or Hersonissos, Agios Nikolaos and Sitia to the east. To reach the airport, take Ikarou Avenue from Eleftherias Square in Heraklion town centre, or the national road in the direction of Agios Nikolaos.